Active Plus MOROCCAN BATH Whitening & Peeling Cream Large size 2kg



Active plus Moroccan bath whitening peeling cream.

This is a cream that offers you a white as well as healthy complexion through clearing the flaws in our skin such as dirt, dark blemishes, acne, freckles and other problems. It is a mild and elusive product which makes it suitable for people of different type. Even though it is mild, this will greatly give off visible results throughout its consumption.

Many skincare products offer promising, plus unrealistic results. However, it’s the only cream that will give you realistic and achievable results such as removing layers of dead skin and dirt, smoothening and eventually whitens our complexion quicker than any lotion or cream .

  • Helps clear dark knuckle
  • Helps clear dark spot areas like elbow, knee & sensitive areas
  • Use of exfoliating
  • Gives clean & soft skin
  • Removes dead skin
  • Natural ingredients


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