Arabian White Huile + Vitamin C Lotion Set



Arabian White Huile + Vitamin C Lotion, Serum, Oil, Soap & Face Cream 5in1 Set

Arabian White Huile + Vitamin C quick solution for perfect glow, wrinkles, sunburns, blemishes, flawless. It is formulated to give rich, silky quick solution for perfect glow. Clears sunburn, wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and face whitening. Arabian white whitening serum and face cream gives you the whitening effect you desire without leaving patches or other skin irritations on your skin. Arabian white face whitening with vitamin C. Perfect glow without blemishes, work chap-chap. A most have face cream. This is a super whitening set that can give up to 4 shades whitening. Very very effective set for skin whitening.


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