Bravia Body Lotion + Oil 70ml + Soap Enriched With Snail Extract


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Bravia range is developed with extracts of snail slime, the unifying Bravia hydrating Lotion corrects and reveals skin radiance. Thanks to its unique texture from natural milk that quickly penetrates the skin while tightening pores and protects against free radicals. It reduces dark spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and fine lines. Your skin will be glowing and smelling fresh all day. Bravia helps to have a smoother Complexion while gradually removing the signs of aging and stretch marks. It tones the skin and maintains its hydration and elasticity.

Baba de Caracol is the result of the latest discoveries in the cosmetic field. It is a multipurpose treatment for the body that provides deep and constant skin regeneration. Its high repairing power is based on the combination of renewal actives ready to act where most needed:

Allantoin – repairs and regenerates tissues

Glycolic acid – provides a natural peeling that renews and rejuvenates skin

Collagen and Elastin – essential for skin tightness and firmness

Vitamins and Proteins – nourish and soften skin.

Daily use helps fortifying and renewing skin tissues with extraordinary results in the treatment of: Skin marks and imperfections (spots, acne scarring and minor scars), stretch marks, fine facial lines and wrinkles, dryness and chapped skin.

For Cicatrices, Burns, Choloids: Apply twice daily to affected areas.

For stubborn Acne, Stretchmarks and Scars: Apply twice a day on and around the affected parts, massaging until the cream penetrates.

Effective removal of scars, stretchmarks, rough skin and dark spots, contains collagen and allantoin for extra suppleness and moisture, contains aloe and snail extracts. Made from medical snail extracts, the cream ensures an in-depth repair of your skin. Allantoin and collagen, known for their healing and anti-aging properties, give the skin its elasticity, radiance and youthfulness. Can be used for face

Very tough on scars and stretchmarks. Definitely worth trying out Tested and trusted effectiveness Highlights Effective removal of scars, stretchmarks.

✔ A multipurpose treatment for face, hands and body

✔ Provides deep and constant skin regeneration

✔ With high repairing power

✔ Contains vitamins and proteins to nourish and soften skin

✔ Ideal for skin marks and imperfections, stretch marks, fine facial lines and wrinkles, dryness and chapped skin.


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