Extreme Whitening Snow White Oil 4 Shades Up No Dark Knuckles/Green Veins 100ml



Extreme whitening SNOW WHITE OIL 100ml gives you an even tone complexion. Whitens 3-4 shades, no green veins, no stretch marks, no dark knuckles. .can be mixed with a body cream or apply directly on your skin… For a 500ml body cream, use 100ml, for a 250ml/350ml body cream, use half of the 100ml

POWERFUL FAST ACTION Whitening oil 100ml


The Snow White Oil Needs No Introduction… It Whitens the Skin effortlessly, Brightens It Extremely and Evenly… Produced with the best natural ingredients


lightens dark underarms and bikini areas of the skin,works fast to lightens the skin

For both men and women.


For total whiteness, mixed race look, Molato skin colour, Shana wole skin colour, pls mix equal quantity of Snow White Action Serum with the White oil, shake well and use twice a day or mix into your lotion or cream


makes the skin glow and flawless, it can be added to cream and lotion to boast it’s strength as used by pro mixers


specially made from herbs very natural and effective to the skin,it has alot of benefit to the skin such as it deminish sunburn,wrinkles it also smooth skin 100%organic


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