Bleacher Glutathione Super Brightening Freckle & Spot Removing Face Cream


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Complexion brightener, lightening and whitening


Hydrates, nourishes, and gives you a smooth and soft skin.


Powerful antioxidant.


Specially formulated for people with rebellious skin / very difficult to lighten.


This range not only whitens but also warns the body of the destructive effects of free radicals thanks to glutathione.


Cleans the skin thoroughly.


Eliminates stains.


Hydrates the skin.


Reduces and makes the skin even firmer to protect it from stretch marks.


Use daily in the evening after your shower.


The extra-strong face cream with glutathione intense active is very effective in the fight against

the problems of spots and imperfection of the face

while at the same time making the face smooth and neat.


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