Goat Milk Extract Powder Skin Lightening & Whitening for Cream Lotion Soap Scrub Serum Body Wash etc 200g



For Cream, lotion, serum, toner, scrub, soap, shower gel etc

What is goat milk extract?

Goat milk extract powder is a natural emollient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin. The caseins are easily absorbed into the skin and allow for quick hydration of dry skin.

Goat Milk for Skin Brightening

Goat milk can brighten the skin complexion, make the skin softer and smoother. It can also clear out discoloration and help soothe a sunburn.

Everyone dreams of having youthful, clear and healthy skin. Milk has gained its popularity as a beautifying natural ingredient since ancient times. The Royals indulged in milk baths almost daily, which is not surprising given that it possesses great skin benefits.

Goat milk is widely recommended by skincare experts because of its nourishing properties helpful for relieving various skin problems.

Let’s understand why you should make goat milk an essential part of your skincare routine.

What does goat milk do for the skin?

Goat milk contains vitamins and minerals that have wonderful effects on the skin. It’s a natural cleanser and effective moisturizer. Moreover, goat milk offers anti-ageing properties.

Goat milk also works effectively in curing conditions like acne and eczema. The fat molecules in milk moisturize the skin and protect pores from pollution and infections. It also retains the pH balance, reducing skin inflammation while enhancing the overall skin tone. Goat milk can be regarded as a single solution to your multiple skin problems.

How does this milk help your skin?

Goat milk is rich in micro-nutrients and vital vitamins like vitamin A, C, D, B, and E. Along with minerals, goat milk also contains like zinc, copper, iron, and selenium.

Vitamin A promotes the repairing of damaged tissues and natural softening of the skin. In addition, it supports the skin’s immune system which prevents breakouts and acne.

Vitamin C in goat milk promotes the production of collagen which prevents dryness and wrinkles. Vitamin E also has anti-ageing benefits and helps in reducing dark spots. Selenium has antioxidants that fight against harmful UV rays; copper also promotes the making of elastin and collagen, while iron helps in getting a natural rosy hue.

The goat milk also contains a perfect blend of lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid. They aid in a gentle skin cell exfoliation process. These acids breakdown the dead skin cells and ensure the growth of new healthy cells. Thus, your skin glows and looks younger.

Goat milk is very easy for the skin to absorb. The composition of goat milk is such that it penetrates quickly through the skin layers. This ensures that the goodness of all the nutrients reaches the deeper tissues of the skin.

Furthermore, goat milk is so gentle on skin, that even people with very sensitive skin can use it regularly.

Does goat milk whiten skin?

Due to its ideal acid concentration and mineral content, goat milk can also lighten your skin. The Lactic Acid found in goat milk slowly brightens your complexion by reducing the brown pigment(melanin) in your skin.

Typically, it takes over 3 weeks to see changes and the results can be a lightening complexion by one-half of a shade. To maintain these result’s goat milk has to be applied at least twice a week.

How to use it for skin lightening?

Goat milk can be conveniently used for your skin in various forms and ways.

You can directly use the raw, organic goat milk as a face wash and a makeup remover. Mix it with your favorite natural exfoliants like coffee or papaya and use it as a scrub.

Another great way to reap more benefits for your skin is to use the goat milk as a face mask. Goat milk powder is also easily found at your local supermarket. Mix it with some water and apply it on your face. You can also add an egg yolk for additional benefits.

Use goat milk brightening soaps, instead of regular soaps if you want to see skin lightening results faster. Skincare products that contain goat milk are available for all skin types.

Benefits of drinking goat milk for skin

The status of your internal body ultimately affects your looks. Skincare needs you to balance tropical care coupled with inner nourishment.

Goat milk is aptly termed as one of the skincare super-foods. Goat milk is less inflammatory than cow’s milk. The milk is easier to digest, which reduces the chances of breakouts caused by improper digestion. The milk is alkaline in nature; hence, it is suitable for maintaining the pH levels. In addition, goat milk helps in the generation of hemoglobin in body. It can improve overall skin health and vibrancy.

Skin benefit:

Lighten up the skin

Nourish and help hydrate dry skin


Cream, lotion formulation, soap, bath

Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored

Storage: store in cool and dry place

This product is cosmetic grade only for external do not take internally

Due to hygienic reason, we do not accept refund once the product is open.

We provide good and reliable quality product at a very competitive price!

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