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New Joju Collagen Skin Melasma Reduce Freckles, Smooth Younger Lightening.


Condition : New

Size : 30 capsules / bottle

Properties :

JOJU Collagen is the new collagen on the market which is very special, the first and only one having Dipeptide, which is the specific collagen of Wellnex TM.

How special ?

It is a Dipeptide type that is absorbed faster than general collagen and can instantly stimulate skin cells.

It is being concentrated to get Dipeptide more than 3,000 ppm, which is so high that it is considered to be the only one trademark and special type of Wellnex TM.

It is manufactured by Nitta Gelatin Inc., Japan, which is the leader in collagen production for over 100 years.

Benefits :

Absorbed into the body in the form of Dipeptide, which is absorbed faster than normal collagen

Stimulates the function of skin cells immediately, produces collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, and helps increase moisture to skin

Contains high Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Glycine amino acids, which can stimulate more collagen

Reduces skin dullness from UV rays

Restores skin structure to be strong, so it is both preventing and restoring skin from sunburn

Reduces knee joints pain

Fades away scars

Contains no residues because Wellnex TM is extracted from freshwater fish reared in a quality-controlled system

Key Ingredients :

Collagen Dipeptide

How to eat JOJU Collagen ?

Should be eaten on an empty stomach or after a meal for 2-3 hours it can be absorbed effectively without being destroyed by stomach acid

Take Joju Collagen before going to bed to help clearer results. As we sleep The body repairs the wear and tear. This is when growth hormone works well. Thus enhancing the work between growth hormones in the body And the body will be able to fully use the nutrients from Joju collagen.

*** The result depends on individual ***

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