Lumine Gold Extra Whitening Body Lotion + Serum With Kojic Acid Collagen



Lumine Gold Lotion is a skin whitening and restoring product with natural plant extract and high ingredients that whitens, tones, moisturize and heals damaged skin cells like stubborn stretch marks, sunburns, acne and dark face. With combinations of frankincense oil, Ascorbic acid, collagen and Kojic acid these comes as a synergy to give you comfort to your complexion. Recommended for whitening, damaged skin. This product contains natural brightening, toning and healing agents.

Polish and achieve radiant, whiter skin with alpha arbutin, formulated to whiten your skin with visible result from 10 days, this moisturizing lotion helps to polish the skin by getting rid of old skin cells, revealing as well as getting new supple skin ready for prepping. Extra strong lightening for natural beauty of the skin. Lumine gold whitening lotion for all-over nurturing nourishment, extra strong whitening and skin firming.

Lumine Gold Serum 50ml whitening series. Extra whitening & toning serum, highly concentrated and recommended for black spots, melanin & quick glowing with neem extracts + niacinamide. Spotless & tones. Lumine gold serum is highly concentrated and recommended for natural whitening, toning, glowing & spots remover. filled with natural ingredients to promote healthier and glowing. For all skin types. For external use only.

Directions for use

Mix the lotion and serum together. Apply morning and night after shower on a cleared skin


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