Mooyam blemish care Serum X 2 Bottles


Mooyam blemish care Serum


Mooyam blemish care Serum is a blemish defying and smoothing, nourishig skin care serum designed for younger and matured skin alike. Formulated from all natural ingredients: Vitamin B3 and natural leaf extracts to give your a supple, younger looking skin.


Help remove acne spots, scars and blemishes and restore smoothness to you skin with WOW Skin Science Blemish Care Serum. An anti-acne, pore-minimizing, and spot-reducing serum that supports your skin’s natural renewal process and helps to refine its texture. It is a lightweight serum that gets easily absorbed into the skin. The blemish care serum helps to clear up acne flare-ups and minimize pore size to keep comedones in check. It helps to smoothen acne scars and pits and reduce the appearance of blemishes and spots. The serum also supports in clarifying skin tone and refining the texture. Your skin looks supple and even toned. It is Infused with salicylic acid, calamine, willow bark extract, camphor essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid and antioxidant that supports skin renewal process by exfoliating the dead skin layer and improving skin turnover. Calamine is a natural moisturizer, and a skin-repairing and soothing active that protects skin’s moisture barrier and soothes irritations. Willow bark extract, rich in salicin that restores skin texture helps to even out pits and scars. Camphor essential oil, packed with phenols that keep irritations in check, soothes acne flare-ups and redness. Tea tree essential oil with sebum balancing and skin protecting properties, tones and minimizes pores and keeps excess sebum in check. Help restore smooth texture to your skin with WOW Skin Science Blemish Care Serum. Infused with salicylic acid, calamine, and other natural actives this serum helps to fade pigmentation, minimize pores and scars, smoothen acne-pits and give your skin a healthy suppleness.”



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