New Improved 2.0 Jaw White Egg Crystal Skin Whitening Supplement 40 Days Supply



Jaw White Egg Crystal 2.0 Authentic Jaw Supplier.(Beware Of Fakes).

Authorised UK seller

The tablets the are most effective for whitening and moisturising your skin

If you do not like the idea of getting whitening injection. This is the perfect substitute.

It is the same content of whitening injections in capsules.

The capsules are very strong and you will get the same results as with the regular use of injections.

*Please be aware of fake suppliers . These are original and directly supplied from manufacturer.


– Reduce appearance of wrinkles

– Strongly whitens the skin

– Boost skin elasticity and youthfulness

– Rapidily renews collagen cells

– Treats acne and dark spots

– Healthier and smooth skin

– Increases skin glow

– Repairs & evens out skin tone


1 box contains 20 capsules

– Take 1 capsule every 2 days

– 1 bottle contains supplement of 1 month and 10 days

– 30 minutes before meal or ideally first thing in the morning before breakfast

– Drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily

– For best results detox 3 days before starting treatment

– For women* stop taking tablets during your menstruation and start again after

– Avoid alcohol, seafood or products containing coconut

– Remember to always protect your skin with sunscreen


Camu camu extract 75mg

Hylaluronic acid 25mg

Vitamine C 125mg

Glutathione 225mg


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