Sepi white strong whitening capsule corrector Extra Strong? Big Size Bottle



One of The most powerful glutathione serum available in the market presently, most sought after

Authentic from the source, beware of imitation


Sepiwhite MSH is a great skin lightener and brightener suitable for all skin types. It is known to radiate complexion within a week of use. Its potency is enhanced when be combined with other active ingredients, such as niacinamide or AHAs. . . Key Benefits * Promotes a more uniform and more radiant complexion * Promotes reduction of number and color of age spots * Demonstrated effectiveness for all skin types and ethnicities * Promotes a more even skin tone * Reported visible increases in skin luminosity and brightness . .

The solution-rich anti-spot concentrate has been developed by the laboratories to beautify you, to reduce the most stubborn stains of the feet, elbows, scars, hands, and face. Cleans thoroughly, corrects the signs of aging. Thinning naturally. True concentration of beauty. Results: Fresh lightened complexion, clear and uniform. Instructions for use: the concentrate must be mixed with a milk of your choice or on urs own


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