Skin Glow Extreme Bleaching & Exfoliating Black Herbal African Soap – 500g



Bleaching Soap (High Strength) made from natural ingredients designed to help reverse the signs of ageing.

Lightens the skin, exfoliate and provide essential skin nutrition. Powerful anti oxidant.

Helps to eliminate all types of skin discolorations including, Chloasma, Melasma, dark spots, brown spots, dark knees, dark elbows, age spots, dark underarms, freckles, dark acne scars, dark inner thighs or uneven skin tone, and skin conditions like Wrinkles & Fine lines.

Active Ingredients: Glutathione, Placenta extract, Arbutin Powder, Kojic powder, Malic acid, Glycolic acid, Guava leaves, Rosehip Oil, Pure Argan, Rose Water

For ALL Skin Type Skin Type

Directions: Use it as a normal soap. Leave on skin for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Moisturise well afterwards with your lightening cream or any moisturiser 

RESULTS VARY PER INDIVIDUAL – Some people will see faster results other it may take time


Pls Note: item might come in a different container but you’ll be getting 500g Extreme Bkeaching Soap


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