Spiritual Blessing Soap Ose Ibukun


Spiritual Blessing Soap Ose Ibukun


Spiritual Blessing Soap Ose Ibukun, specially crafted for individuals seeking a unique spiritual experience. This soap is made with the finest ingredients and is imbued with powerful blessings that bring good fortune and positive energy into your life.

obstacle-clearing properties, it’s a part of a broader practice of intention-setting and manifestation. Its effectiveness is rooted in faith and personal testimony. Use this Soap before any other spiritual soap for maximum effectiveness.

Experience divine favour, blessings and breakthrough with this spiritual soap. Perfect for those seeking spiritual upliftment and blessings. Our spiritual soap is meticulously infused with blessed herbs and natural elements, chosen for their energetic cleansing properties. Blending specific herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients renowned for their spiritual significance, our soap aims to purify surroundings and uplift spiritual well-being. The subtle, natural scent exudes from the organic, hand-blended ingredients, carrying a profound sense of sacredness and intention. Whether for personal use or gifting, this soap is designed to enhance your spiritual journey.

Specific Uses:

Protection against negative energies, destiny killers, stagnant life, and bad luck

Spiritual cleansing and blessings

How to Use:

Use one soap per individual (avoid sharing).

Always Cleanse before any other spiritual soap for maximum effectiveness.

Use with a new traditional (Kankan)

After use, offer prayers aligned with your faith.

Important Notes:

Do not use or touch while menstruating.

Do not touch or use directly after s£xual intimacy. First shower with another soap before continuing.

Originates from a smoke and pet-free environment.

Authentic product sourced directly from the country of origin.





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