Yellow Peeling Oil Skin Care Fades Dark Spots And Scar- 100ml




Product Description:

Yellow Peeling Oil Skin Care – 100ml

* Yellow Peeling oil helps in lightening dark areas like elbows,knees, underarm and other dar areas of your bidy in just a week.

Yellow peel oil is only superficial skin peel and is therefore safe to use at home even without any proffessional assistance.

* It exfoliates dead skin cells. Hastening the formulation of new cells.

* Can be used for your face and body.

*It is very safe type of peeling agent to be used without the supervision.

*Peeling starts 2-4days after the last application(peeling may vary depending on the user’s skin moisture content). Peeling last for 5-days.

* To prevent redness or itchiness,apply hydrocort crean on the 2nd day after applying the Yellow Peeling Oil.

* Always use sunblock when exposed to sunlight. Milder than TCA Peel.

*It is helpful for facial blemishes,wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.


– Smooth rough,dry skin.

-Improves texture of sun-damaged skin.

-Aids in control of acne.

– Can be mixed with bleaching agent to correct pigment problems.


Please follow direction carefully

1) Wash or clean the skin area where the Yellow peeling oil will be applied let it dry. Use only hands with soap when you take a bath and rinse right away. Avoid using scrubs or exfoliants.

2) Apply Yellow peeling oil on your skin 3X a day for 3 days only. It can be applied at night 3X with 15 minutes interval.Let it dry, no need to rinse.

3) Peeling will begin in 2-4 days and will last for about 5-7days( peeling may vary depending on the user’s skin moisture content.)Never remove the peeling skin. Never wash your face frequently to hasten peeling. Think of the dead skin as a protective bandage of the fresh peeling skin. The longer it stays, the better the result. Do not rub or scrub your face during the peeling process.

4) After you apply the Yellow peeling oil in 3 days, let the skin peel off and rest the skin at least 7 days until the redness is gone. If results are not satisfactory apply again for another 3 days using the same process.

* Skin peeling

* Even out skin tone and skin discoloration

* Lightens dark spots and scars

* It Soften and smoothen the skin and removes skin blemishes


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