Yellow Peeling Oil Skin Care Fades Dark Spots And Scar- 60ml



YELLOW STRONGER PEELING OIL AVAILABLE FROM QBE . ACTIVE INGREIDENTS GLYCOLIC ACID, LACTIC ACID, SALICILYIC ACID, CITRIC ACID PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE AND USE ACCORDING TO INSTRUCTIONS TO GET RESULTS!!! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: YELLOW PEELING OIL is a DEEPER AND STRONGER peel( Than GPO) and very safe dermatological strenght type of peeling agent and can be used without supervision of a dermatologist, as it hardly burns or irritate the skin if used properly. it can be used on face and body and it is suitable for most skin types. This amazing miracle peel is gentle yet a very effective exfoliant which loosens and lifts away dead skin cells to reveal a smooth clear , brigther and radiant celebrity type skin. peeling starts within 2 -5 days after the last application, peeling can last for 3- 7days. WHAT CAN YPO BE USED FOR?: STRETCH MARKS, SCARS,CELLULITES,BLEMISHES,FRECKLES,SKIN DISCOLOURATION,HYPERPIGMENTATION,WRINKLES,PIMPLES,ACNE SCARS,UNDER ARM WHITENING, ELBOWS,KNUCKLES,FEET,KNEES ETC…AND ALL OVER THE BODY. USAGE DIRECTIONS (PATCH TESTS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE APPLYING THIS FULLY ON THE SKIN!!!)


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